Houses don’t sell in the winter, right? Wrong.

With the cold temperatures and shorter days, it may be hard to imagine anyone listing their home at this time of year, let alone buying one — but actually, homes sell year-round in the Greater Saint John area.

We often hear homeowners expressing concern about the appearance of their property in the winter. Your home may look more attractive in the summertime but so do the homes of the competition, and there’s usually much more competition on the market in the spring and summer than in the winter months.

From a supply and demand perspective, compared to January of 2019, January 2020 house sales in the Greater Saint John area were up 38%, and the number of listings was down 12%*.

Remember that winter can be beautiful and picturesque, too…think fresh dusting of snow and warm and cozy settings!

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*Based on figures from the Saint John Real Estate Board.

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